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Love Story for people who love outstanding Chocolate ( and deserve it…)

Ornat is a leading Israeli pralines and chocolate manufacturer.

Founded in 1988 as a family owned superb quality chocolate boutique.

We pride ourselves for our modern and state of the art equipment,
unique assortment and supervision to the very last detail.

Ornat chocolate specialties are made out of the finest and fresh ingredients.

Every praline gets personal care, each tablet is carefully prepared and packed and all of our products are prepared with great love and passion.


Ornat is proud of the quality, professional attitude and conduct. More so, with the endless creativity and ingenuity shown and tasted in each bite. The modern and luxurious packaging, which differentiates Ornat from its competitors, is second only to the chocolate quality. 

All the above, combined with great love and uncompromising professionalism - are the key ingredients that make Ornat a leading boutique chocolate manufacturer for 30 years.


Our factory and all our products are strictly Kosher (Lemehadrin) under the supervision of Chatam Soferin of Petach Tikva and Rabbi Tobias, Chief Rabbi of Kadima-Zoran.


Kosher Parve/Kosher Dairy, and kosher for Passover (without legumes).

Ornat is supervised by the highest orthodox Authorities.

Needless to say the highest authority, though, are our clients all over the world.