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Love Story for  Chocolate


Our dream is that, following the health trend, people will reduce unhealthy and high-quality products and prefer only real and high-quality chocolate, and of course, bitter chocolate with high percentages of cocoa solids and especially cocoa butter.


Chocolate solutions

Ornat for me is a dream fulfillment ... And so, here at Ornat, we try to fulfill our customers' dreams of chocolate quality, with unique and innovative products, packaging, flavors, special textures, shapes and messages. When each of us thinks of chocolate for himself, he wants a quality and healthy boutique product, with special and interesting flavors, that will do him good. When we think of a chocolate gift, we think of what it looks like: sometimes upscale designs and sometimes modern and innovative designs. We provide both and make sure to change the design line every few years.



But, our chocolate also speaks! Many customers also want to pass on their messages as well: a statement, logo, values ​​and more. We make it possible to convey the message about chocolate, packaging, or both. In order to quickly meet customer needs, we have a small printing house in Oranat.


Our customers

We sell our products online and also via chocolate, wine and flowers stores. 

Our customers from the business sector: Diotypri, hotels, companies, shops, confectionery and more. Business customers are looking for invested, beautiful and high-quality gifts that will suit them all , will be delicious and varied, and also in Kosher, also during Passover.


Culinary Vision and Challenges

Our vision is to develop high-quality chocolate at the European level for those who are not bothered by the subject of kosher and, on the other hand, to give kosher keepers excellent quality products that may never have tasted. This is not a challenge as good raw materials cannot always be found in Kosher Kosher and so ... We are forced to develop unique methods and produce the raw materials required for our own work. These ingredients make and complicate production, but provide happiness to know that Kosher is not a limitation. And delicious!


Little history

Ornat is one of the oldest and leading family boutique chocolate company in Israel, founded in 1988. Our chocolate is made daily with a lot of love, from the best raw materials from the country and from the world, every praline gets a personal treat, every table is carefully made and our curlers get a gentle and sweet chocolate hug.

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