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Welcome to Ornat's delivery system


Our delivery system is designed to provide you with our excellent products even without having to leave home! Our special cooling vehicles keep the chocolate at the right temperature so that our delicious chocolates reach their fresh and fresh destination.


Shipping fees are determined by division area as described in the above map:

Countrywide : 50 NIS for shipping. Free shipping - ordering products over NIS 350

Off the Green Line - 110 NIS for shipping. 60 NIS - ordering products over NIS 350

* Prices include VAT


supply times

The whole country: 2-5 working days
Off the Green Line: 2-7 working days

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have

Warm Weather

Our main goal is to ensure that our products arrive to you in the best condition. Real chocolate is very sensitive to heat.  During warmer months, shipping options might be limited to avoid melting.


International Shipping

Unfortunately, Ornat does not offer international shipping at this time.



Ornat will accept returns only in the event that the product arrives to you damaged, or in a defective state.


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