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Ornat contributes to the community

At Ornat, we see the contribution to the community as an important value.


We employ employees with special needs in all our departments, with a desire to help them earn a living and be proactive alumni of the comunity. We help them learn the required work skills and social skills and are in constant contact with the right bodies for everyone's satisfaction.


Also, every holiday, we develop a unique product that links the holiday with one of the associations. From each gift, Ornat makes a donation to the appropriate association.


Thus, "Matzah Braille" was developed for Passover with the Blind's Library, which aims to make reading, study and reference books, press and more to enable them to be active in the cultural and social discourse.


In preparation for New Year's Eve for the better, we have in cooperation with the "First Hug" association developed a chocolate pomegranate in fancy packaging. The association operates volunteers in hospitals around the country that embrace abandoned babies and give them warmth and love, human touch and emotional care that they are so missing and likely to impair their development.

All our boxes are folded by 'Enosh' associacion.

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